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What is Search Us Search Engine?

Search Us is a search engine dedicated to deliver business based mostly search results. This interactive medium combined with advanced search capability of Search Us provides you with the simplest products/services and company search results.

How will Search Us Search benefit for you?

The search technology of Search Us is developed by implementing by understands the meaning of queries asked by any common man. We also prompt the system to allow much quicker search results than the traditional technique of matching keywords.

The search results you discover are intensive. Although the system permits you to narrow your search results by using numerous filtering options, as 'Refine by Category', 'Refine by Location', or by 'Business Type'. The search methodology of Search Us is easy and time saving.

Why must you use it?

  • Four search options namely: All, products / Services, company name
  • Results cultivating by Location or connected Keywords (on the paw side)
  • Results refining by matching class. (On prime of the results)
  • A completely dedicated search engine working on brilliantly designed. An explorer simply needs to type (even the least) relevant keyword and it makes the remaining search voyage of mere clicks and scrolls. A feature not several search engines will boast of.
  • Suppose if you're searching for XYZ dealer and you simply type XYZ, our dedicated automation not solely shows you the keyword's results however saves your typing effort by displaying terribly connected keywords like 'XYZ dealer, XYZ cleaners' etc.

What are the various search options Search Us offers?

The different search options on Search Us are:

  • Search All
  • Search by Products/Services
  • Search by company name

Search All

This Search possibility permits you to look on the basis of each product / service and company name.

Search by Products/Services

This search is to be used when you are searching for a local business selling a specific kind of product or service.

Company Name Search

Use this search when you are searching for some specific company or business that you simply apprehend by name

What are narrow Search Results?

Narrow Search Results helps you narrow or refine your search results. There are 3 choices to pick out in the narrow result section

Refine by Location:you will be able to more refine your search by narrowing down on the location during which you are searching for the business.

Refine by Category: you will be able to refine your search more by narrowing down on the categories and sub categories associated with your search.

Refine by see: This section brings to you the sub categories that relate to your chosen sub category once you have got created some selection from the 'Refine by Category' Section.

Search by Company Name

Utilize this search when you are searching for some particular organization or business that you know by name.

  • Step 1: Click on Organization Name option.
  • Step 2: Enter the name of the organization or business that you are searching for. You can utilize one or more word of that business name, i.e. it can be a full business name or simply a part of that name.

    Example: When searching for 'Money and Professional', you can search by the words 'Account and Tax' or "Arbitration" or 'Bank and Credit union etc'.

  • Step 3: Enter the location where you might want to discover the business.

    Example: Use keywords like "Delhi" or 'New Delhi' or you can be specific by saying 'South Delhi' or 'International Trade Power' contingent upon the area and territory cover in which you might want to find that business.

  • Step 4:Click on Search button.
  • Step 5:Your search lists will then be shown listing the organizations most applicable to your search decisive word. Every listing incorporates business name and business detail elements.

Search By Category

You can refine your search further by narrowing down on the categories and sub categories identified with your search.

  • Step:1Choose from the options 'Correct Matches' and 'All Matches' to get the craved results. 'Precise matches' would discover the outcomes 'with all the words' or 'with the careful phrase as your search phrase', while 'All Matches' would discover the results 'with no less than one of the word' of your search phrase.
  • Step:2Now select the desire category or sub category from the ones listed out.
  • Step:3The list items would then be refined according to the category or sub categories.

Example: Flowers, Plants and trees material, Party Decorators, and so on would be shown according to categorization when you are searching for flowers.

Search by Product or Service

This Search is to be utilized when you are searching for a local business offering a specific sort of item or administration.

  • Step:1sort www.topbusiness.in in your browser and press enter. You will discover searching facility.
  • Step:2Type in a word that describe best the item or product you are searching for, as well as in the same way as an item or administration name, their category or sub-category name.

    Illustration/Example: Type in 'Air ticketing' or 'travel and tourism' or 'ticketing specialists', in the event that you are searching for some business giving air ticketing administration or service.

  • Step:3Also type in the area name in the "Where" field. You can attempt with city or area name.Example: Say "Delhi" or 'New Delhi'
  • Step:4Click on "Search" button.
  • Step:5Your search items will then be shown listing the organizations most significant to your inquiry search keyword. Every listing incorporates business name and business detail elements.

A. As a registered user of Search Us, you ll avail variety of benefits:List you business for free and be a part of the pool of five million businesses.be a focus for new customers as well as provide valuable information to your existing customers.Let your customers notice you 24 hrs, one year from anywhere.

A. Click on the 'Register' Link at the highest of the browser window. Fill in all the main points asked for in the registration form. You’d get registered once all the main points are successfully submitted.

A. Once you ve got completed the registration process; you may receive an email as a verification message with a special link. Check your mailbox for this mail. Click on this verification link or copy and paste it into your browser. Doing this could verify your account.

A. To login to your Search Us Account, click on the sign-in option at the highest right corner of your browser window. Feed in your User ID and password details with that you had registered. Click on the 'Sign In' button to register to your account.

A.No, you cannot have multiple accounts.

A.The password may be a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve characters.

A.No, the login name and password isn t case sensitive.

A.In case you forget your user name and password, we help you retrieve them. Get to the Forgot password form by clicking on its link on the sign-in page. Enter the e-mail address with that you had registered and that we can give you with the User ID and password details through an email. Click here for forget password.

A.we have a tendency to try this to customise your experience.

A.we respect the privacy of our customers and take all steps to stay your personal information confidential.

Advertising Question.

A.Visit Our Advertisers Section, to know more about advertising at Search Us.

A.. Search Us listings include:
Names of the companies with their complete contact and business details.
Mapped location of the business
Features with every business listing to attach users to businesses.

A.To induce your business listed at Search Us feed your business details through our 'Free Business Listing' form. Your listing would shortly be enclosed after verification.

A.No, you do not need any web site to induce your business listed with us.

A.you need to provide only the essential info about your business that you wish your customers to know and therefore the contact details. Refer to the 'Free Business Listing' form for details.

A.you ll update your business listing by submitting the changes through our 'Edit Business Listing' form. Our information Verification team can verify any info you provide. Updated data would take one working day to appear on Search Us.

A.simply gives us with your business listings details as they appear on Search Us.

A.you ll improve the position of your business listing by adding additional info to your listing in order that it's came in more of search results. Make sure to use relevant words in your business' description in order that it gets higher position within the searches associated with your business. When you send us a request to add up a business, our information validation team can contact you to verify the knowledge. It takes us 2 working days to complete the validation process and build the listing on-line.

Paid Organic Listings:

A. Paid Organic Listing may be a paid form of advertising that permits businesses listed at Search Us to receive enhanced placement and therefore more client focus.

A. No, you can t have a link to your web site once you want to advertise as Paid Organic Listings. You’ll prefer certain our business catalogues to feature up all necessary business info as well as product images, company logo, product and services offered, hours of operation, modes of payment and conjointly a link to your website. Contact our sales department for details.

A.Today s buyers look for more info to make an intelligent purchase decision, thus facilitate them by adding more information concerning your business.

A.Please contact our business department for details.

A. It might take us one working day when you send us a request to make your program go live.

A.Yes, you ll update the business details of your Paid Organic Listing when the program goes live.

A.Yes, you ll change the keywords that you would like to position your listings once the program goes live.

Sponsored Listings

A.Sponsored Listing may be a paid form of advertising that permits businesses already listed at Search Us to receive increased placement and therefore more client focus.

A. Both Sponsored and Paid Organic Listings are the Paid form of advertising whereby your business listings receive some premium position on our web site.

A. Yes, you ll have a link to your own web site once you advertise as Sponsored listings.

A. No, you do not need an internet site to advertise as Sponsored Listings.

A. If you want a Product Catalogue then you ll advertise as Paid Organic Listings and not sponsored listings.

A. Please contact our sales department for details.

A. It might take us one operating day when you send us asking to form your program go live.

A. Yes, you ll change the keywords that you want to position your listing once the program goes live.

A. Search Us takes click fraud terribly seriously and takes each step to safeguard our members. scan our Click fraud Policy for details.

Billing Question

A. you ll pay your bills by using our on-line Payment gateway.

A. just in case there isn't left any balance in your Advertiser's account; your advertising program would be stopped till any balance is resumed in your account.